My name is Lauren and I live in North San Diego County with my incredible husband Dylan and our dog Bruce (aka “The Boss”).  I work as a Cost Analyst for a medical device manufacturer and love that every day presents new mathematical and monetary challenges for me to solve.  While my degree is actually in Social Ecology, I began my masters in Architecture before deciding to return to work rather than digging myself further into student loan debt.  I have completed a number of online accounting courses in tandem with my career, and love that I see money as a tool now instead of a source of stress.

I don’t claim to be an expert by any means, but at 29 I am a homeowner, an investor, am saving for retirement and have excellent credit.  I will turn 30 this year and have spent the better part of my 20’s working to better manage my finances, and am excited to share my various successes and failures along the way.