Credit Card Secrets

There are two schools of thought on credit cards – one is that they are evil and we shouldn’t use them at all, and the other is that they’re a tool and can be used for good.  I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of this debate, knowing that debt is inherently bad, but […]

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Moving on a Budget

Moving can be a pain, but with a little bit of finesse you can make it happen for less!  Take it from me, a regular moving expert – I’m currently on move #20 and have packed my life into boxes enough times to know a few tips and tricks to keep costs low. Location, Location, Location […]

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How ’bout Debt?

How much debt do you have? What interest rates are you paying on that debt? How long will it take you to pay off your debt at the current pace? No idea?  You’re not the only one – most people have a rough idea in their heads of how much money they owe, but few […]

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Saving Made Simple

Looking for a few simple ways to boost your bank account without scrounging for change under the couch cushions?  You’ve all heard people talk about ways to make extra money by doing all kinds of crazy things, but not very many people talk about what to do with it so that you don’t have to […]

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Can you afford a new car?

While most of us would like to think that we deserve a brand new set of wheels, the truth is that most people underestimate the expense of owning a vehicle.  Before you lock yourself into a payment you can’t afford or purchase a lemon, do your homework first: is this a smart buy? The first […]

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Secrets to Saving on Vacation

With spring break approaching and summer on the horizon, today’s post will cover some tips and tricks for keeping costs down when travelling.  Any savvy traveler knows that a little bit of planning can go a long way toward making your trip stress-free, so we’ll start with the old saying that failing to plan is […]

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